timbre_land studio

My recording studio is a relaxed, open, creative space.  Whether recording solo vocals, instrumental or mutli-player sessions there is room to play.  Located just 10 minutes from downtown Franklin in a relaxed suburban setting with break room and kitchen.  A great place to create, chill and cut a demo or master session!

I offer everything from single instrument overdubs to full track productions and everything in between!

More detailed services and pricing below...




2006 Fender Highway One Telecaster (Mod), Fender Custom Shop 60s Stratocaster, Gibson ES-335, VZ Custom HH T-Style, Danelectro Baritone

Martin D-35 limited, Martin OM-21, Taylor DN3, Seagull Dreadnought High Strung conversion, Early 60s Regal converted slide guitar, Recording King banjo, Kentucky mandolin


'65 Fender Princeton Reverb RI, Matchless Lightning 15, Fender Hot Rod Deluxe

Mesa Boogie  2x12 w/ V30s, Matchless Lightning 1x12 w/ G12M


 80s Nobels OD-R 1, 80s Ibanez Mostortion, 80s Boss DM-2, Zvex Box of Rock, Fultone Fulldrive 2, Paul C Timmy, J Rocket Archer, Line 6 DL-4, Line 6 M9, Cusack Tap-a-Whirl, Digitech Whammy...


ProTools 10.3.2 with Universal Audio Apollo Twin Duo, extensive sample collection.


iMac with 27" Monitor


The gear listing is not comprehensive.  I am constantly bringing in new equipment on loan or getting new gear from vendors to evaluate - peddles, steel guitars, basses, keyboards/synths, and other guitars (some off-beat makes).  My goal is simple - get the sound you want. 


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Instrument ovdbs

Guitar is my primary instrument but I offer a broad range of instrumental performance selections, including electric or acoustic guitar, bass, banjo, mandolin, as well as basic keys and drum/percussion programming. 

Fees generally start at $100/song for single instruments and $50 for each additional. Higher budget/label projects adhere to AFM session scales.

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Demo/Master production

Love producing artists and bands of all genres with the goal of creating a great demo or record.  Able to support any level of project complexity and budget.  You can expect nothing less than an exceptional recording at a very reasonable cost!

Sessions are hosted in my studio and I also have access to some of the best tracking rooms in Nashville - at great rates.    I work with a network of amazing musicians and engineers that can support your projects if required.

Production projects are always unique so please contact me for a price quote - I will work with you to get a great result that fits within your budget.